Tudor Glass

Curved & Convex Glass


The latest lists of specials can be downloaded at these links . . .

Category 1 & 2 depth (subtle to moderate) CONVEX GLASS in rectangles, squares, circles, & ovals
Perfect for a nice convex effect on flat prints / photos for the elegant effect.
Also for low profile 3D framing such as embroidery etc.
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Category 3 depth (extra deep style) CONVEX GLASS in rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, & some portrait sizes / framed glasses
Deeper style for framing of bulkier 3D objects such as wedding & other flowers, sport memorbilia, just about anything 3D !
Also some deep glasses here that are framed or 95% UV block coated . . . frames avaialble for the deep portrait shaped glasses. 
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Convex MIRROR glass (can supply frames if required), plus other framed convex mirrors, ready to hang.

Your frame or ours . . .
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                    (Soon to be uploaded)

Glass display cases /Miscellaneous framed and other items . . . GHS Framers Formula Glass Cleaner
Assorted glass display cases, misc framed and other items, GHS Glass Cleaner (leaves glass, mirrors, laminates & stainless sparkling & streak free)
    click here >> specials_4 PDF
                  (Soon to be uploaded)

Please email any questions, and to confirm shipping cost please advise your location.