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Miscellaneous items

Melinex 516 polyester sheeting

A very useful product for picture framers.

It can be used in frame packages for strap mounting 3D items, encapsulation of fragile documents, pressure mounting of documents, clear film overlays, and book / magazine mounts.

It in a completely inert material, that will not harm items or outgas in the package.

We currently bring in 100um thickness, very suitable for all the above framing processes, and it is 1062mm width, sold by the metre.

GHS glass cleaner

This special low foaming 'framers formula' aesosol is the best product to get your picutre glass streak free clean, and is safe for use on all types of UV and optically coated low reflection coated glasses.

A 500gm can will last a long time in the shop, plus the handy retailing carton can be placed on the sales counter for your clients to purchase . . . many framers provide a free can with certain purchases, and instructions on using it on special coated glasses.