Tudor Glass

Curved & Convex Glass


Reproduction portrait frames

As well as making the replacement convex glasses, we also have a range of frames in many of the shapes and sizes of the old original portrait 'bubble glass' frames.

These were very popular around the 1900's, and many people have heirlooms handed down from past family members . . . formal poses, family portraits, wedding scenes, and childrens portraits were very popular.

The portraits themselves were generally convex in shape too, formed in special presses to give a 3 dimensional look.

The convex glass gives the elegant finishing touch, an old world look, with a gentle convex shape providing minimal reflection for enhanced viewing.

These can be used to replace originals damaged beyond reasonable repair cost, or for new work in the same style, especially suited to B&W and sepia photographic of family and wedding portraits.

The chart below shows 6 of the most popular original shapes / sizes, along with a mini oval size.

Other frames

A range of circular frames is manufactured, and while these can be fitted with flat clear glass for framing of suitable prints, or convex glass for framing of flowers and other memorabilia, they are made primarily for use as framed convex mirrors.

While they can be used for flat mirror glass in plain or bevelled edge form, and with new silvering or antiqued silvering to suit a client, convex mirror glass is what they are really designed for.

Convex mirrors have been a decorator item for centuries, with an elegant reflection that brings a much larger room scene into the viewing area.

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